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Membership Management

Service to Members

If your organization exists to represent members, you want to offer the highest level of service possible. AOR Solutions can exceed the professional level of service that your members expect. Great member service is the essential first step in engaging your members, encouraging volunteers to step forward, and building a thriving organization. We make sure that invoicing is done on time, unpaid bills are followed up, and members feel they have someplace to turn.

Regulated Professions

Professional organizations, including those that are regulated, have a duty to the public. AOR Solutions offers the professional services to support your professional, regulatory and/or legislative requirements and reporting, ensuring that your profession maintains the public trust. AOR Solutions helps ensure that members meet their professional duties, and that all the proper records are kept and policies are followed.

Keeping Members Informed

We know it is a challenge to keep your members informed of activities and opportunities, and it can sometimes be a task that is put off to some point in the future. The AOR Solutions team keeps your members informed through ensuring that newsletters, member communications, social media, website and other channels are managed and populated. We help keep your members engaged in the organization.

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