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Education and Training

Analytic-OR Education and Training ServicesOUR SERVICES
We take a client-centred approach to learning and development programming, building capacity through creative strategies built on evidence based educational design principles and leading practices, including:

  • Workshop, seminar and course design and development
  • Curriculum alignment
  • Program evaluation
  • Comprehensive training sessions
  • Facilitation services

Our education and training experts bring a learner-centred approach to education and training with:

  • Adult learning principles
  • Measurable curriculum design, development and teaching
  • Experience developing training and offering facilitation in multiple sectors – government, academic, community-based NGOs and industry
  • Practical work experience in multiple sectors so trainers can augment learning with real world examples
  • A rigorous approach to design and development
  • Delivering fun, innovative and interactive trainings that deliver results

AOR Solutions team members have developed a wide range of programs and are subject matter experts in multiple fields. Team members have developed and facilitated courses, seminars and workshops for multiple audiences, including developing academic courses at the university level.

Some workshops and seminars AOR Solutions Team members have given

From Understanding to Action Workshop (1 Day): How do organizations successfully impact public policy change? Topics include: the policy development process, how to speak government and influence public policy, how to cultivate partners, and strategic communications and planning. The workshop includes hands on tools and activities for a skills building day which will position your organization to develop and implement a strategic advocacy plan aimed at effecting public policy change.

Coping with Change (3 hr): A practical and skills building workshop aimed at understanding the change process and tools for dealing with change. Topics covered include: the phases of transitions, our reactions to change, understanding change as loss, leading others through change, and developing tools so you can thrive and not just survive a transition.

Effective Public Policy Advocacy Seminar (2 hr): Tips and tools for developing and implementing an advocacy plan.

Networking and Partnerships Workshop (2 hr): The benefits of networking, the challenges and complexity of building partnerships, coalitions and networks, and concrete strategies for forming, growing and maintaining networks, both for organizations and individuals.

Building an Effective Website (3 hr): Choosing a web developer, strategic web planning, search engine optimization and using analytics to improve your return on investment in your online marketing.