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Advocacy Planning

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Effective advocacy requires solid planning, strategic implementation and measures to evaluate success.

    AOR Solutions can:

  • Help you refine your advocacy goals
  • Assist in the development of evidence informed policy options
  • Help you understand opportunities and challenges through strategic inquiry and environmental scans
  • Develop for you simple, focused, relevant messages for the appropriate audience(s)
  • Work with you to develop consistent approaches and communications material
  • Work with you to de-mystify the public policy development and legislative processes
  • Help you identify and foster collaborative partnerships
    We will work with you to:

  • Plan and facilitate stakeholder engagement workshops to build collaboration
  • Develop a strategic advocacy plan to coordinate research and communication of a policy initiative to the appropriate decision-makers
  • Prepare a comprehensive action plan with specific tactics tailored to target audiences
  • Capitalize on opportunities for collaboration and partnership
  • Evaluate the plan regularly and adjust as necessary

AOR Solutions team members have experience as advocates and as the gatekeepers to decision-makers at different levels of government, giving us a unique understanding of how collaborative and strategic approaches to advocacy deliver results. Our multi-perspective, responsive and precise approach enables us to zero in on key opportunities and strategies.

AOR Solutions team members have worked with clients at provincial, regional and national levels to develop advocacy plans.

Some of our past projects

Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia – Developed a strategic plan for building collaborative partnerships and completed a strategic inquiry to assist in developing concrete, viable policy directions.

Hospice PEI – Developed a strategic advocacy plan and facilitated a community consultation workshop for hospice palliative care in PEI.

Atlantic Canada Maternity and Parental Benefits Project – Worked with Women`s Network PEI and the Advisory Committee to develop an advocacy plan for changes to Employment Insurance to include benefits for self-employed persons.The Employment Insurance Act was successfully amended.

Canadian Breast Cancer Network – Research and development of an advocacy plan focused on the financial burden of breast cancer on Canadian women and their families and on labour force re-entry.

Ontario AIDS Network – Research and development of advocacy strategies on various HIV/AIDS issues.

Canadian Caregiver Coalition – Development of a national caregiver strategy and advocacy program.

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