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Gain valuable business insights with web analytis.OUR SERVICES
AOR Solutions believes a website is a strategic investment and like every other investment should be optimized and monitored for performance, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and analytics.

SEO: Effective SEO will ensure the web site structure and content are optimized for visibility to search engines for targeted searches so you are found by your target market.

Analytics: Each time someone visits your website you can learn a little bit more about your customers and their needs. We’ll show you how to use this information to improve your on-line presence and improve communications with your target audience. Google Analytics provides valuable data, however few website owners have taken advantage of the full value of this tool. Simply measuring the basic metrics such as hits, visitors or bounce rates doesn’t tell you the full story.

    Our Google-certified team can help you:

  • Distinguish a successful interaction from a non-successful one
  • Segment potential clients from a casual visitors.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of how each area of your website is performing, so that you can make strategic changes
  • Make strategic business decisions based on true data – not a gut feel
  • Make more money from your website

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SEO and analytics are core elements of every website we build and a Google Analytics Qualified analyst is a key member of our web team. We spend time everyday staying abreast of the fast changing world of SEO and analytics to remain responsive to your needs.

    Our team will optimize your online presence by:

  • Improving website content and copy to improve search engine visibility
  • Determining effective key phrases for your website through research
  • Determining your Key Effectiveness Indicators
  • Measuring your website return on investment
  • Increasing return on your online marketing
  • Improving search engine ranking for your target market
  • Providing a better experience for visitors to your site
  • Helping  you understand your site performance through ongoing monitoring and analysis

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At AOR Solutions, we specialize in the science behind search engines. Dr. Jay Adamsson, a Principal with Analytic-OR, has been studying search algorithms for over 10 years. With a team experienced in data analysis, optimization, marketing, and operations, we know how to cut through the noise of large amounts of data, synthesize information, analyze what is important to you and get to the results that matter.

Some of the clients we have worked with on search engine optimization and analytics are Canadian Virtual Hospice, TVN (Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network),, Lady Baker’s Tea Trolley and the St.Peter’s Courthouse Theatre.

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