Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

The Client: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC)

The Need: The System Performance Initiative (SPI) is a national collaborative effort by CPAC aimed at driving long-term system change through the collection, analysis, reporting, uptake and exchange of pan-Canadian information on cancer control system performance. Since 2009, the System Performance Initiative has developed a number of knowledge products and knowledge translation approaches to share findings and inform quality improvement strategies, including: reports; articles; conference presentations; and a web application. In 2014, CPAC needed to undertake an evaluation of the impact of knowledge translation efforts related to the System Performance Initiative.

The Solution: Michelle and Jay led an AOR team that developed an evaluation framework; conducted a document review, literature scan, media scan and web analytics review; held  key informant interviews; conducted a stakeholder survey; undertook stakeholder mapping; conducted a strategic inquiry; and developed of case studies. The evaluation data collected was used to identify the reach, use and impact of the System Performance Initiative.

The Result: AOR identified barriers and enablers for improving uptake and increasing impact of the SPI products as well as audience preferences in how they wished to receive information. The final report refreshed CPAC’s knowledge translation plan for the System Performance Initiative with a new model for knowledge translation aimed at increasing the impact of the System Performance body of knowledge on cancer care within the Canadian health care system.

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