Management Consulting

Cutting through the complexity to develop practical solutions.

The complexity of and pace of our world continues to grow—and with it, the demand for instant information and action. The challenge lies not just in finding data, but understanding what’s important to help you to meet strategic objectives.

AOR Solutions cuts through the clutter, working with clients in business, government and non-profit sectors to gather valuable information, and create and implement measurable strategies that produce results.

Our services include:

  • Environmental analysis, needs assessment and strategic inquiry
  • Policy development, gap analysis and program evaluation
  • Human resources
  • Facilitation and stakeholder engagement
  • Analytics, modelling and simulation

Why work with AOR Solutions on your management consulting project?

AT AOR Solutions we bring multi-disciplinary teams together to address complex problems. We get to know your organization so we can understand your needs and goals. Then we apply our knowledge and skills to work with you to identify solutions you can implement.


Our Experience
In 2015, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architecture Advocacy Task Force needed to undertake a study on the value of the profession of landscape architecture on Canadian society to assist with crafting advocacy messages.
Canadain Society of Landscape Architects