Focus on accountability and growth.

Is your board spending too much time on operational issues?

Is there a lack of clarity on the role of the board versus the role of management?

Are board members engaged or do they “rubber stamp” recommendations by the Executive Director?

Does the board have in place effective processes and policies to ensure success?

We provide the skills, processes and support required to help boards refocus on their governance role, including:

  • Board skill training and development
  • Governance models and organizational reviews
  • Support for transitioning to policy governance
  • Board policy development
  • Operations policy development
  • By-law development

Why work with AOR Solutions to support your board development work?

We know how well-run volunteer boards can accomplish amazing things. We bring our passion, experience and strategic approach to work for you to help you be successful. Our team members are former CEOs and Executive Directors of provincial and national non-profit organizations and professional associations. We are also experienced serving as volunteer board members on local, provincial and national non-profit organizations.


Our Experience
The Optometry Examining Board of Canada is the national non-profit organization responsible for developing and administering the entry to practice exam for optometrists in Canada. In 2018 the board identified a need to renew its governance model to better meet the needs of the organization, improve effectiveness and focus on the responsibilities of the board.