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Management Consulting

Management Consulting Services

The complexity of and pace of our world continues to grow – and with it, the demand for instant information and action. The challenge lies not just in finding data, but understanding what’s important to help you to meet strategic objectives.

AOR Solutions cuts through the clutter, working with clients in business, government and non-profit sectors to gather valuable information, and create and implement measurable strategies that produce results.

    Our services include:

  • Strategic planning: environmental analysis, strategic inquiry …more
  • Governance: advice and support to not-for-profit boards and executive staff …more
  • Policy and Evaluation: development of programs, research, gap analysis, program evaluation…more
  • Education and Training: curriculum development and instructional design, facilitation: …more
  • Analytics, Modelling and Simulation: data mining, risk analysis …more

AOR Solutions also provides assistance in establishing new Networks Centres of Excellence (NCE), including: board governance, policy development, strategic planning, partnership plan development, budgeting, human resource management and NCE reporting. We also provide services in developing proposals and renewal applications for NCEs.

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