Do I need a website for my small business?

We live in the age of the internet where search engines reign supreme, ready to answer any question. As our mobile and tablet usage increases, so too does our ability to be connected anytime and anywhere. In our highly connected society, having a website makes good business sense.

Here are six reasons why you should have a website.

  1. Be available to your customers – Whether you sell goods or services, your potential customers are looking for you online. A website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, with a mobile friendly website, you are available to your potential customers anytime and anywhere. Your on-line presence can expand your potential reach much further than your local community.
  2. Keep up with your competition – If you do not have a website, chances are your competitor does. Research shows that consumers are increasingly shopping online or researching online before purchasing. Make sure you don`t get passed over in favour of the competition.
  3. Showcase your business – Unlike with social media channels where you are limited in what and how you can display your information, on your website you can showcase your goods and services to appeal to your customers.
  4. Establish credibility – A well designed website is your opportunity to build credibility with your potential customers. It can foster a good impression right from the beginning and demonstrate your commitment to serving their needs by providing them with the information they need.
  5. Build loyalty – Your online presence can enable you engage with your customers and understand their needs.
  6. Measure your marketing efforts – By using web analytics you can measure your digital marketing efforts from social media engagement, to online advertising, to newsletters to email marketing to better understand your return on investment. Knowing what is working to increase sales will help you focus your on-line efforts.

But not all websites are created equal. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression. An effective website will be aligned to your business goals, provide opportunity for measuring its effectiveness, will be professionally designed with engaging content, and will provide the user with the information they need in the format they need it.  Your web site is a key marketing tool and business investment in our networked world.