Relax. It's just a Google update.

It’s almost Tuesday the 21st of April, 2015. And from the hysteria bring generated from the search engine optimization (SEO) blogs out there, ‎doomsday is upon us. The Great and Powerful Google is about to smite the unworthy.

I’m seeing shades of 2012. Remember that? The whole end of the world thing?

How about 2000? Y2K? Remember that? (If you’re old enough that is)

How about the guy on the street corner proclaiming the end of civilization? Haven’t seen him lately? That’s because he’s writing SEO blog posts.

Know what the update is? Google is going to – wait for it – suggest mobile websites to mobile searches!! The nerve of them.

Some companies out there are doing their best to terrify the masses over this change. Oh, and they can save you, for a premium of course.

News flash here. Google changes their algorithms nearly every day. Most are subtle, not as far ranging as this one, but they all produce winners and losers. ‎Some of their changes, though, have been much more extensive than this one. And the sky hasn’t fallen yet.

Second news flash. If a mobile friendly site was crucial last year, then you probably made the change already, or have it planned. If you didn’t have a mobile friendly site, then you probably were never getting much traction from mobile visitors anyway, and that won’t change.

But hopefully this will be an incentive to think about what is important for your business or organization. Is mobile search important to you? Then make sure that mobile users have the best experience possible on your site. But you shouldn’t need an announcement from Google to tell you that. It should be part of your overall business strategy. Your website should be a key part of your outreach and communications strategy. It is a strategic business investment, and deserves to be treated as such. This announcement doesn’t change that.

This won’t be the last time Google makes a major search engine change. And unfortunately it probably won’t be the last time it gets over-hyped.