Strategic Websites for Non-Profits E-Book

Announcing our new E-Book for Non-Profits.

For non-profit organizations, creating an effective website is a little bit trickier than for it is for a business. The challenge comes directly from the fundamental questions that surround a website for a non-profit. What is the organization trying to achieve with its website? And how do you measure success?

Answering these questions are critical to building an effective website. After all, a website is not a stand-alone item for any organization (or at least it shouldn’t be). It is a critical communication and interaction tool. A website is successful only if it both meets the needs of visitors, and advances the goals of the organization.

Our new free E-book, Taking Control: Strategic Websites for Non-Profits, discusses the issues surrounding website development for non-profits. The book gives an outline of the issues surrounding non-profit websites, outlining the philosophy we use here at Analytic-OR to create effective websites.

The book starts with a general discussion of just what is meant by a strategic website, and why a non-profit has to think differently about their website than a business does. It continues with a look at some of the critical items, and why they are so important.

The e-book is free to download from the Analytic-OR website. We hope that the ideas outlined in the book will be used by organizations to improve their website. We welcome any feedback from readers.
Table of Contents


  1. The Strategic Website
  2. Non-Profits Are Not Businesses
  3. Maintain Website Ownership
  4. Describe Your Audience
  5. Define Visitor Engagement
  6. Design To Support Goals
  7. Optimize For Search Engines
  8. Measuring What’s Important
  9. Test, Evaluate And Improve
  10. Conclusion