Any website is better than no website at all, right?

This question is one we often hear, but not all websites are created equally.

An effective website is not just a marketing tool; it is a powerful business tool. A professionally designed website that reinforces your brand and has engaging copy and content is critical in making a good first impression with your potential customers.  Yet, a poorly designed website which does not provide the information a user is looking for or provides a poor impression of your business harms your credibility will soon have your potential customers moving on to a competitor.

Similarly, a website that is hard to navigate and confusing to the visitor will soon have them abandoning your site in search of easier access to the information they need.

Although your website can be selling your business to your potential customers, regardless of the time of day, day of week or geography, your site must be search engine friendly so you are found by those who are searching for what you offer. Good search engine optimization includes not only eliminating any technical or programming barriers to being found online, but also focusing your content to meet the needs of your potential customers.

Finally, your website can tell you a lot about the behaviour of visitors on your site and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. By using analytics and integrating your digital marketing strategy you can measure how well your ad campaigns, email blasts and social media are performing in sending users to your site, and who are converting to paying customers. This information is critical to focusing your marketing efforts on activities with a high return on investment. Otherwise your marketing budget can be spent throwing darts blindfolded at a target.

Having a website that can help achieve your business goals and provide you with valuable information about the needs of your customers. It just makes good business sense.